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Our group began with a meeting on December 1982 at Three's a Charm quilt shop in Ft Wright, KY.  Anne Clarke owned the shop and decided to start a quilt group.  A group of local quilters were invited and met to discuss the group and expectations, but a snow storm canceled the January meeting - so the first official meeting was held in February, 1983. (our birthday month)

President was Marie Salazar, VP Anne Clarke, Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Herald.  Other originating members were Mary Lou Zimmerman, Lorraine Dickhaus, Alice Heath, and Inabel Mullins.  By March 8 new members had joined and they were also considered original members.  After a year the space was outgrown and the group moved to the Kroger center in NKY.


Over the years our group has grown and we now have 115 members with 25 of them "Lifetime members" grandfathered into the group by age and time spent in the group.  We usually have about 60 members attending each meeting.  We have outgrown several spaces and will begin a new space at St. Timothy's in December 2016 at our Christmas meeting. 


The group has participated in many activities over the years.  We are up to 9 history books at this point (big binders).  We had a newsletter in the beginning, but mailing and printing became an issue.  The dawn of computers has made  information a whole new opportunity.  We have a monthly newsletter and a website and share ideas from Pinterest and other quilt groups over the internet.  How wonderful!!


Over the years we have developed some "regularly scheduled" activities.  In January we have a sew-a-thon with "stone soup" at which everyone contributes to the pot and we work on charity quilts at the meeting.  We have a committee that distributes the quilts to community needs, and everyone in the guild is expected to contribute at least one quilt during the year.  February is our "birthday month" and we usually have some kind of celebration to recognize the original members...yes many are still in the group.  Throughout the year we have many events we participate in as a group, National Quilters Day being one of them.  Marie Salazar along with members of NQA and other quilters from all over the US petitioned their state representatives to have the third Wednesday in March declared National Quilting Day...thus the beginning of Quilters Day Out as we know it.  We have a yearly picnic in August.  We have a get away every fall - lately at Clifty Falls in Madison Indiana.  We have brought in many quilters over the years for trunk shows and demos and teaching events, making Licking Valley Quilters a hub for  quilters.   We usually work on a raffle quilt every other year - one year we assemble and the next we raffle it off.  There is plenty of opportunity for learning new skills from members - some at the meetings and some at outside activities that are planned throughout the year. As many groups do, we have challenge activities and awards.


Our group is very healthy and energetic.  We have many new members with new ideas and contributions for the group.  It is fun belonging to such a great group of quilters (sorry no men at this point, but they are welcome).  Feel free to visit our Facebook page or contact me for a copy of our monthly newsletter.  


Mary Ann Grabow, 

Secretary LVQ